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      Avantra introduces a new Cloud edition for RISE with SAP

      Avantra cloud edition for SAP RISE

      Avantra, the leading AIOps platform for SAP operations automation, today announced the launch of their new Cloud edition for RISE with SAP. This edition enables RISE customers to automate cloud, on premise, and third party operation activities as they migrate their business operations to the cloud. 
      RISE with SAP has made it easier for SAP customers to bring SAP applications to the cloud together in a single contract, but customers retain responsibility for the operation of their applications. With the unprecedented capability to automate workflows across cloud, legacy, and third party implementations, the Cloud edition for RISE with SAP provides the time needed to focus on their strategic initiatives.
      “At a time when more and more companies are looking at enterprise wide digital transformation and wanting to connect rather than isolate operations, impeding the ability to optimize hybrid operations presents a significant barrier to business advancement. We developed a Cloud edition designed to work with RISE with SAP to remove this barrier, recognizing that this need is not likely to go away any time soon,” John Appleby, Chief Executive Officer, Avantra.

      One hybrid AIOps platform. Endless possibilities.

      The Avantra Cloud edition for RISE with SAP provides a single point of access to service and operating data and will support more than 300 RISE with SAP services. These include options such as configuration management for regulated industries, one off services, and cloud application services. It will also support more than 100 services where customers are responsible, such as managing data files, determining security requirements, and end to end application monitoring.  
      The ability to get such services from Avantra gives customers the choice of running them on cloud servers or partitioning them onto legacy operating systems, which they might want to do, for example, to reduce costs or gain strategic advantage.
      “This new edition is the perfect complement to RISE with SAP. The enhanced flexibility and capability mean that customers can leverage software operations and services, and manage data across all modes, building strategic business systems, provisioning them more efficiently and with minimal human effort and error,” said Bernd Engist, Chief Technology Officer.

      Echoing the market demand for hybrid solutions within SAP operations management, Nick Miletich, Chief Technology Officer at Managecore, said, “As RISE with SAP deployments continues to go live, Managecore too sees the increasing need for a unified experience for SAP customers across their IT systems that are both managed and not managed by RISE with SAP. Managecore’s RISE with SAP companion solution ManagecoreiQ+ leverages Avantra’s RISE certified automation tool via our Watchdog platform to provide that single pane of glass experience by monitoring all enterprise systems hosted by RISE with SAP or in a multi-cloud environment. The approach empowers SAP customers to see the full breadth of their systems at one place.”

      In addition to introducing the new Cloud edition at SAP Sapphire, Avantra will demonstrate the ongoing activity to improve results and add context to its data analysis capability, what they call “intelligent automation.” In one demonstration, for example, they will show how AI tools like Chat GPT might improve efficiency in analyzing check results and guiding users to solutions.  

      About Avantra

      Avantra helps businesses achieve commercial success and competitive advantage by saving time and resources, reducing issues and supporting growth. Customers of the Avantra platform save at least 30% in SAP operations costs, giving them the edge in a market where resources are tight. Today, some of the world’s largest organizations use Avantra to transform from reactive to proactive. This results in significant time and cost benefits across their business by avoiding human error, assuring quality and delivering a single source of truth. The unmatched intelligence of Avantra gives enterprises freedom from system downtime, real SAP context for the whole technology stack and time for higher value projects. Many multinational brands rely on the Avantra platform to bring intelligent automation to their SAP operations, creating time to build a future path to hyperautomation success.