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      3 min read

      Avantra announces Executive Technology partnership with SAPinsider for 2021

      sapinsider avantra partnership

      The partnership will assure actionable, data-driven insights to the SAPinsider community 

      Philadelphia, PA - July 28 , 2021 -- Avantra, the leading AIOps and automation platform for SAP operations, today announced its partnership with SAPinsider for the forthcoming SAPinsider Executive Technology Forum 2021. The year-long program will bring together over 17,000 executive members through quarterly virtual meetings, executive research reports, and industry newsletters and magazines.

      With a focus on innovation and driving efficiency, Avantra joins a select number of independent software vendor partners in SAPinsider to help support mission-critical SAP workloads. The partnership facilitates transformation trends and news, including innovation, process improvement, efficiency, sustainability and resilience, organizational strategy, and evolution of SAP platform technology. 

      John Appleby, CEO of Avantra, said, “SAPinsider Technology Executive Forum is home to some of the brightest minds in charge of leading change through technology. The ability to stay ahead with insights and intelligence is important to the executive members. We are excited that this partnership with SAPinsider offers us an opportunity to support executive members through new-age automation capabilities and drive a unified experience across the forum.”

      “With the Technology Executive Forum at SAPinsider, we have created a place for the collective intelligence and experience of the over 17,000 executive members. Our Research, Meetings, and Contents support better strategic decision-making and enable innovation and transformation with SAP technologies in thousands of companies around the globe. The partnership with Avantra is an exciting step on this journey, bringing critical technological capabilities to our members. Automation across the SAP stack and gaining actionable insights is key to our executive members”, said Jamie Bedard, CEO, SAPinsider.


      About Avantra:

      Avantra is the industry leading AIOps platform that simplifies SAP operations. Avantra boosts visibility, efficiency and control of SAP landscapes – no matter the size, shape or scale of the technology stack. The unmatched levels of intelligence and insight that Avantra provides, gives IT Operations teams freedom from monotonous and repetitive tasks. It anticipates issues across the entire SAP estate well before they become a problem, making Avantra the go-to automation platform for many of the world’s largest enterprises and Managed Service Providers. Avantra is a Basis team’s trusted guardian, bringing control, proactivity and simplicity to some of the most complex SAP landscapes on the planet.


      Avantra Media Contact: 
      Emily Tippins

      PR Contact: 
      Hemant Deswal