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      3 min read

      Meet the team: Tyler Constable

      Tyler Constable, Executive Director of Sales Engineering at Avantra

      Next in the ‘Meet the team’ blog series we feature Tyler Constable, Avantra Executive Director of Sales Engineering. Tyler is based in the USA and plays a critical role in product development, engineering and sales verticals. A proud dad, Tyler is also a metal music fan and likes to spend time with his family when he is not helping companies with their SAP automation needs. Read on to learn more about Tyler. 

      What's one professional skill you're currently working on?

      I am putting significant efforts into ’re learning’ the German language. Having studied the basics of the language in school, I was curious to pick it up again and hopefully become fluent at it. Another reason that made me pick up the language was the fact that many of our teammates in Avantra speak German as their primary or secondary language and I wanted to converse with them in their native language. Apart from this, I am also attempting to learn Japanese, but at a much slower pace.  

      What's your go to productivity trick?

      I believe in keeping things simple, because complicating things is easy. Getting into unnecessary details just eats up time and drains energy and motivation. Being sharp and on point is a life skill. It helps you and your team focus on the task at hand.

      What's one thing that surprised you about working at Avantra?

      It has to be the people I work with. At Avantra, I work with some of the best and brightest SAP minds across the globe who create cutting edge software in the Basis world. There is mutual respect and appreciation for one another and the work everyone puts in. 

      What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

      With two kids at home, one six and the other eight years old, my weekends are extremely busy, to say the least. You would find me driving my kids to dance lessons or sports events, playing Minecraft or watching Disney+. Also, everyone in our house is obsessed with a show called ‘Bluey’.

      Do you have a hidden talent?

      I do, and this is really, really important stuff. I am able to make a talking dragon with my fingers. It’s pretty amazing. 

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      What's your favorite music genre and artist - the one you've been listening to on repeat?

      I enjoy smooth jazz, respect classical, love 90’s alternative but really, enjoy good metal (I have to clarify not all metal is equal with much of it being horrible). I like listening to ‘Dillinger Escape Plan’ and ‘Protest the Hero’. To the untrained ear it may sound like disturbing noise, and borderline yelling (for a want of a better word) but when dissected, the songs show to be embedded with advanced time structures and other “mathematics” that challenge the basics of music as a whole.  

      What's the best advice you were ever given?

      I can’t think of one thing in particular, but I’m a huge fan of reading and studying the writings of the great stoics, specifically Marcus Aurelius. I highly suggest everyone read one of the many versions of ‘Marcus Aurelius Meditations’ at least once in their life. A lot of great advice is in that book so I am confident everyone can take at least something away from it. 

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