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Technical consultation and sales

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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Bernd Engist

      Bernd is Syslink Xandria's Chief Technologies Officer. With over 20 years in SAP operations and technologies, he is leading Syslink's innovation and technologies development. Out of Basel Switzerland, he makes sure our products sustain their top-notch Swiss quality and customer satisfaction while offering cutting edge solutions.

      How Nagarro transforms SAP operations with Avantra

      E-3 Magazine, in the June 2023 issue,  featured a cover story about Avantra and the collaboration with our customer Nagarro. Reason enough to let the mind wander a bit and write a little more about this exceptionally good collaboration.

      Go further, faster: Answer extreme demand for intelligent automation

      I have been attending DSAG Technology Days for over a decade. Every year the challenges fellow SAP...

      Protecting your SAP systems from new vulnerabilities

      New ICMAD bugs require immediate attention and patching for SAP systems. The dust has not yet...

      SAP HotNews analysis: What MSPs need to know

      SAP is one of the most business critical enterprise applications. As a result, keeping it secure is...

      Next generation AIOps with Avantra 21.11

      A while ago I visited one of our largest customers to introduce them to our latest release. I...

      Still struggling with SAP Solution Manager Technical Monitoring?

      The SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) is intended to cover the complete application lifecycle of your...

      Safe and Transparent Starting and Stopping of SAP Systems

      “Never change a running system, even if it's slow,” was the joke when I was a SAP Basis...

      3 Unique Challenges in Determining SAP Root-Cause Analysis

      Agentless SAP monitoring systems seem like the easy way to go, no installation and no deployment....