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        Bring back innovation

        Do you want to deliver more but your team is constantly firefighting?

        There's never enough hours in the day, and managing complex environments is an uphill battle. That's why Avantra was developed to automate the daily checks and routine tasks that stop your team focusing on the future. Release more time for innovation. You deserve to refocus, safe in the knowledge that your critical systems won't let you down - and if they do, you'll be the first to know.

        Introducing Avantra Cloud edition for RISE with SAP

        Cloud migration without losing sight of your extended enterprise

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        Let Avantra AIOps do the heavy lifting of SAP automation for your enterprise.
        Let automation do
        the heavy lifting for your enterprise

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        Realize the potential of SAP automation for your MSP.
        Let go of hands on
        systems management to grow your MSP

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        Avantra is designed by Basis Engineers for Basis Engineers.

        Basis Engineers:
        Embrace AIOps and create time to build

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        The SAP threat landscape

        One in five cyber attacks on SAP systems are successful.

        Download our ebook to find out how AIOps and automation can reduce the threat landscape for organizations running business critical ERP software.

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        See what's new in the latest release of Avantra 23.1

        New monitoring.  New automations.  New features.

        Avantra is the AIOps platform for SAP, delivering: 

        • Time savings across the business
        • A consistency builder that avoids human error
        • A quality assurer with out of the box best practice
        • One single point of truth - significantly reducing downtime

        Do more with Avantra 23.1

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        Must watch webinar sessions



        Eliminate manual effort and repetitive tasks via complete SAP landscape automation on-premises and in the cloud.

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        Go from reactive to proactive, with insights your team can act on now.

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        Operational Transparency

        Complete real-time visibility into performance, compliance and health via notifications, dashboards and SLA reports.


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        Seamless integration with the technologies and partners that power your business. Across the entire landscape.


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        Support your SAP teams with intelligent automation


        Know exactly what's in your SAP estate at any moment. Using ML based predictive analytics Avantra gives you a clear view of anomalous configuration and runtime issues. Everything from security hardening to predicting future system overloads.

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        Avantra communicates with centralized IT workflows like ServiceNow. It routes issues to the right resource whether it's for the Enterprise Security team or a business owner of a specific system - it'll go to the next available change window.

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        Avantra is the leading business process management automation platform for IT operations. Fix insecure configurations, patch security vulnerabilities, update systems with the latest production data - automatically within agreed change windows.

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        3 min read

        The rise of hybrid - launching Avantra editions

        When we introduced Avantra Enterprise edition in 2021, we envisioned a world where we could interconnect enterprise...

        5 min read

        Agent and agentless: An ongoing battle

        Observability of an SAP environment is critical. Whether you have a large complex and hybrid environment or a small set...

        3 min read

        Avantra SAP security FAQ

        We understand the importance of security when it comes to your SAP system(s) within your organization. As cyber attacks...

        Watch the Avantra, AWS, Red Hat webinar series


        Make resilience a strategic advantage

        In this 5-part series, Avantra brings you experts from AWS and Red Hat to unlock the innovation frameworks you need to build relentless reliability for your organization. Learn how automation in SAP operations needs a special approach that leans on domain-specific solutions. Brought to you by Avantra, AWS and Red Hat.

        Watch here

        Join the world’s most innovative companies that trust Avantra

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        View customer success stories

        How automation accelerates innovation for SAP operations teams

        It's clear that teams using automation strategies experience fewer challenges. Avantra worked with research partner, ASUG, to find out what's holding SAP Ops teams back from innovating. Download the whitepaper to learn how to accelerate innovation with automation. 

        Read the Avantra & ASUG whitepaper

        Read the SAP Operations Automation White paper

        Built for SAP, by SAP Professionals

        Avantra was built and optimized for complex SAP landscapes by SAP engineers like yourself. It goes deeper into the stack and does not buy a different tool to achieve a specific function like SAP Start/Stop or Monitoring Automation.

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        Reduce Cost
        to Serve

        We strongly believe that IT Operations tools must reduce Cost to Serve. Avantra achieves this, in fact you can be up and running in hours. No projects, no consultants. It is so easy you can even deploy it on your own (but we are happy to help).

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        Automated To Your Landscape

        At Avantra we understand the struggle of managing SAP ecosystems and finding experienced people. Using industry best-practice gained over 20 years, Avantra lets you be proactive and solve problems before there is an issue.

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        SAP operational costs too high?

        Take stress away from your SAP Basis team and stay ahead of your system performance. With Avantra, your team can fix problems with confidence, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve. 

        Enjoy savings on your operating costs with intelligent automation (and take back some me time).

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