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Try Xandria

3 SAP Servers for 3 Weeks installed in under 3 Hours

Install Syslink Xandria and get your SAP health and performance report.

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The offer

Install Syslink Xandria on any 3 servers running SAP (Dev/QA/Prod or mix AWS with on-premise SAP servers) for 3 weeks installed in under 3 hours. 

What do you get?

Syslink Xandria will automatically detect the customer's SAP and AWS systems and apply best practice monitors and thresholds including operating system, database and SAP specific processes, batch jobs and more.
Easily identify KPIs to trigger automated AWS scaling. You will also get a default SAP health and performance dashboard with access to create your own customized dashboards as well. The Xandria Master server runs in AWS so no hardware is required.

Syslink Xandria will monitor, manage and automate the system for 3 weeks resulting in a free written health assessment that will includes:

  • 3 insights they may have not known about their SAP system performance
  • Predictive cloud resources utilization analysis
  • System hardening recommendation
  • Performance analysis
  • Potential recommendation for cost savings

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Aasif Karachi

Syslink Xandria provides us with the visibility we need to pro-actively manage SAP workloads across multiple clients. Using Xandria on hundreds of SAP systems both on-premise and in the cloud, we've significantly increased productivity. This has led to increased client satisfaction and by leveraging automation and enhanced reporting we are able to visualize the entire system landscape in real time.

Aasif Karachi, Cloud Managed Services Practice Leader | Deloitte Africa