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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Innflow Case Study 

      Swiss MSP achieves 50% more with Avantra

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      SAP Consulting and Managed Services

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      Business challenge: Handling the complexity of many different SAP systems

      Innflow is one of the leading SAP consulting companies in Switzerland and, as an MSP, manages numerous SAP systems for its customers. With the introduction of Avantra at the beginning of 2019, they have seen massive quality improvements in the monitoring of these systems. Today, the company's SAP Basis consultants use Avantra to effortlessly maintain around 800 SAP instances, with numerous surrounding systems. Avantra provides significant efficiency gains by automating many aspects of daily operations.

      Specializing in design, implementation and operation of SAP centric systems, Innflow supports well known national and international brands. The company is certified as an SAP Gold Partner and demonstrates its long standing SAP competence through various other certifications and partner programs. Innflow customers can choose various operating models and, after in depth consultation, a combination of public cloud, Innflow private cloud and their own data center.

      My first task was to implement a good monitoring tool, and that's when I naturally chose Avantra.
      Felix Hausheer
      Team Lead SAP Basis, Innflow

      SAP kernel upgrade and HotNews automation worth their weight in gold

      With a growing number of multi tenant SAP systems to manage, manual work was not an option. Especially when it comes to recent SAP security vulnerabilities. The AIOps platform relieved Innflow’s SAP experts of a lot of manual work. According to Felix Hausheer, Team Lead SAP Basis, Avantra's SAP HotNews automation and automatic SAP kernel upgrade tool were worth their weight in gold: Avantra immediately showed his team which systems were at risk, and also automated the patching of kernels across all customer systems. 

      For us, the biggest effort was making the customer appointments. Avantra took care of everything else.
      Felix Hausheer
      Team Lead SAP Basis, Innflow

      Wide range of automation and customization 

      Dealing with multiple customer landscapes comes with peculiarities that are not always mapped in the standard scope. Innflow benefits from the wide range of automation and customization options within Avantra. For example, the company uses its own SLA Capacity Reporting to check whether the resources allocated to the customer’s systems also comply with the SLAs. Internal dashboards show who is responsible for which customers and which systems.

      Innflow also found the custom checks within Avantra saved a lot of manual effort - configured and rolled out in no time at all. The parameters for these only need to be defined once; if systems with the same parameters are added, the corresponding thresholds are automatically applied, which has sped up the addition of new systems tremendously. 


      As a managed service provider, we work with many customer systems, so it's very important that we can automate a lot of things. There are, of course, customer specifics, but that's where we have the flexibility to be able to automatically check automations we've added ourselves - like the HANA mini checks now on all systems, for example.
      Felix Hausheer
      Team Lead SAP Basis, Innflow

      Automating recurring and unloved tasks

      This flexibility and the high degree of automation relieves the SAP experts enormously in daily operations. However, implementation in new customer landscapes is also conceivably simple: Once the preliminary work has been completed, the systems are simply added to Avantra. The AIOps platform recognizes which systems are involved and automatically rolls out the appropriate checks. This allows Innflow to ensure high quality standards even with a small team. Avantra intercepts the ongoing shortage of skilled workers through fast onboarding and efficient processes, keeps employee motivation high by automating recurring and unloved tasks, and creates time to build new business growth.
      When new customers come in, we add them to Avantra. It covers most of the operations, all the monitoring, the automation. When we have a new customer, we don't need new staff right away. ... In the past, you had to hire two or three new Basis consultants for a new major customer with many SAP systems. That's not the case anymore.
      Felix Hausheer
      Team Lead SAP Basis, Innflow



      • Handling the complexity of many different SAP systems
      • Reliable automation of routine tasks
      • Driving growth despite a shortage of skilled workers



      • All customer systems are monitored automatically and efficiently
      • Individual checks can be set up quickly and easily for individual customer systems
      • Employees are freed up to generate more business growth



      Avantra provides 50% more than the team could achieve without the platform 

      Just as Avantra continues to advance the possibilities for intelligent automation, Innflow also plans to further use the platform’s automation potential. Innflow is currently testing automated system copies and the proven ServiceNow integrations in Avantra, created in close cooperation with ServiceNow, to provide customers with optimal integration of their ITOM solutions.

      To monitor and administer our scope of SAP systems at the level of quality achieved with Avantra, we would need about 50% more people in the SAP Basis area without Avantra
      Felix Hausheer
      Team Lead SAP Basis, Innflow

      Seamlessly automate mission critical SAP operations

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