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Technical consultation and sales

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    Professional Services

    Avantra is here to help during complex, transformational and large-scale projects. We can help you make the most of your Avantra investment. To find out more, talk to your customer success manager.


    At Avantra, we pride ourselves on maintaining a low total cost of ownership (TCO) for our customers. The Avantra platform is designed to be easy to install, update and deploy even with limited technical knowledge of Avantra. From time to time, large scale deployments or strategic projects may require expert guidance or training and we have the services to support you with this


    Migration Assurance Services

    Almost 30% of SAP migration projects encounter fatal but preventable issues. Our experts can work with you to set up your Avantra platform to de-risk your upcoming migration across planning, execution, post-steps and hypercare. As part of this service you will get:

    • 2 weeks dedicated guidance from Avantra expert personnel during set up of your Avantra environment
    • Avantra expert accelerators to help significantly de-risk your SAP migration project (dashboards, checks, and more).
    • Access to Avantra solution packs to target specific failure scenarios
    • Set up of project real-time alert channels for mid-migration visibility e.g. project slack channel.

    For more information and access to pricing, please speak to your Avantra customer success manager.

    Migration Assurance Services

    Avantra Rollout Management

    For large and complex rollouts, Avantra can provide an experienced roll-out advisor to coordinate with your resources to help you achieve the most successful rollout possible. Avantra Rollout Managers are available on a per-month basis to support large-scale projects. They will coordinate:

    • Best practice project templates from prior Avantra rollouts
    • Sample change management assets to assist with approvals for deployment
    • Daily status/issue/progress review with the customer project manager
    • Access to Avantra experts when required for problem resolution, best practice, and more
    • Support calls with Avantra’s helpdesk
    • Weekly status update meeting between Avantra and the customer
    • Monthly executive steering committee meeting
    For more information and pricing, please contact your Avantra commercial account owner.

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    Avantra Training

    Avantra can provide individual or group training sessions so that you can get the best possible value from your investment. As an individual partaking in training you will obtain:

    • Detailed understanding of how Avantra works
    • In-depth knowledge of how best to run the Avantra system
    • Deep-dives on specific topics (as chosen by you)
    • An  “Avantra Certified Expert” completion certificate, verifying your knowledge in both the fundamentals and chosen deep-dive topic (valid for 12 months).

    Certified Avantra Experts allow your organization to expand on additional value from your Avantra investment. Organizations with current certified Avantra experts may receive discounted renewals on future premium-support purchases (depends on the size of the landscape and number of certified staff). For more information and pricing, please contact your Avantra commercial account owner.


    Avantra Consulting Services

    Avantra maintains low TCO to install and run and, for the majority of customers, requires almost zero day-to-day help from an external Avantra consultant. However, for large-scale rollouts, migrations, or other complex topics, Avantra can provide consulting services (based on availability) on a time and materials basis.
    Typical requirements where services can be provided are:

    • Upgrades and migrations of Avantra
    • Avantra deployment architecture design
    • Custom check architecture
    • Mass deployment support

    Avantra Consulting Services can be purchased on an hourly or daily basis. Orders and extensions must be confirmed in writing at least 10 working days prior to the start date and are provided based on the availability of Avantra resources. If travel is required to a customer site, travel and expenses are charged as additional at-cost items as per the Avantra internal expenses policy.
    For more details and pricing information please contact your Avantra commercial account owner.