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White Paper: Avantra's Security Overview

At Avantra, we don’t believe in security through obscurity. The intention of this white paper is to provide you with the clear information you need to be confident that we are doing everything we can to protect your data and our platform from mis-use. 

Avantra is the industry leading operations automation platform for SAP helping companies transform into a self-healing enterprise. This white paper is designed to give a detailed overview of some of the security features built into Avantra, and will be of most use to those planning an Avantra implementation or running Avantra in a production landscape.


You will learn more about:

  • The Avantra master server and the Avantra agent security mechanisms
  • Multi-tenancy and Data Privacy
  • Credentials and Connectivity

Download the White Paper


Using Avantra we prevented 2 Major Failures in SAP Production Systems. We've also reduced server updates implemented to just 1 to 2 hours, post-processing of system copies reduced from 3 hours to 3 minutes and adding a new system to the monitoring process reduced from half a day to just 30 minutes

Belz Koch, Head of SAP Services | Migros

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