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Explore the unique challenges and hidden benefits of SAP in the cloud

The migration to HANA gives companies a chance to move their SAP environment to AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

The challenge: Taking full advantage of the cloud’s scaling capabilities is not trivial and creates unexpected challenges in an SAP environment. 

In this webinar we will discuss these pain points and how to alleviate them, while exploring the following benefits: 

  • Performance-based cloud scaling
  • KPI-based cloud management
  • Multi-cloud management
  • Intelligence-based cloud actions

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Michael Haase

The Cloud Actions from Avantra are a game changer. Using this solution we can manage AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud as well as all of our customer’s SAP environment in one single solution. It dynamically allocates cloud resources based on the systems’ performance, saving our customers a substantial amount of money.

Michael Haase, Founder and CEO | Managecore