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What’s new in XanGui 5.2.2?

by Heiko Mannherz

Published on 09.05.2013

Custom Performance Types

Starting with XanGui 5.2.2 you can collect, aggregate, display, and report performance data from external sources. The function is tightly integrated into the well-known Run-Program Custom Check. Custom Performance Data is displayed in the same way as for the built-in performance resources. And it is of course available in the Service Level Reports as well.

Service Level Reports in XML Format

There is an option to generate Service Level Reports in XML format. This option may be helpful in order to include Service Level Report data from syslink Xandria into other SLR generation tool chains.

Improved System Selection

You can search systems by querying for a certain performance value, like selecting all systems with a CPU usage of more than 50%.

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