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    Swiss SAP Service Provider syslink On Growth Course

    Basel, November 20, 2013 – At beginning of October Oliver Waffenschmidt took over the lead of all sales and PR activities of the Basel-based SAP specialist syslink. He was Account Manager for Global Managed Services at IDS Scheer Consulting GmbH before. Consequently, syslink is pursuing future growth especially in the area of hosting and outsourcing services.

    “Date security and data protection are hot topics currently. Thanks to our infrastruc-ture that is primarily focused on security we can hook into this point. And this is what we plan to convince many medium sized enterprises in the German-speaking market of”, says Oliver Waffenschmidt.

    For the company’s second pillar, the development of System Management Software, business improvements are planned as well.

    “Although there are many large and well-known SAP customers operating syslink Xandria already, I’m convinced there is a huge potential for development especially in Switzerland and in Germany. And this business development will be one of my major task in the months and years to come”, adds Oliver Waffenschmidt.