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      2 min read

      Operating and Monitoring SAP HANA


      If you are dealing with SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance) you certainly know that introducing or migrating to SAP HANA is quite a challenging task. And, believe us, so is operating.

      To make your life a little easier we integrate native SAP HANA support in our System Management application syslink Xandria, and it will be available with the upcoming release syslink Xandria 5.2, scheduled for mid of May, 2013.

      Why should I care?

      Introducing SAP HANA comes with a huge price tag. You have most likely invested in the appropriate hardware and consulting services. And you probably did this, because you feel speeding up the business critical processes on top of SAP HANA provides a major competitive advantage to your organization.

      Monitoring your SAP HANA installations in order to guarantee their availability and performance is an essential building block to protect your investment.

      And syslink Xandria is the leading application to accomplish this task.

      OK, so how do you do this?

      We will give you two short examples.

      SAP HANA is very sensitive to badly designed SQL queries. In fact, as single SQL query that is not optimized for e.g. column-organized tables can bring down the overall performance of your SAP HANA instance. This is sort of a trade-off of column-organized data.

      syslink Xandria provides the so called Expensive SQL check in order to identify these statements, so you can react in time. You can even more automatically notify the responsible development staff for them to optimize the statement.

      Another performance critical operation is delta merges. As you probably know, column-organized tables are optimized for read operations, so write operations are performed on a delta storage. Read statements operating on the delta storage are quite expensive, so it is vital to merge data from the delta storage with the main storage. SAP HANA usually does this automatically, but you certainly want to monitor whether these delta merges are running smoothly.

      syslink Xandria features a dedicated Delta Merges Daily Check that allows staff to control the delta merge behavior, like changing the table partitioning or triggering the applications smart merges.

      That's all?

      Of course not. There are checks for CPU and memory usage, for backup and redo log backup, license checks, job runtime and many other more.

      syslink Xandria also tracks the key performance indicators for every SAP HANA system, like log and trace sizes, peek memory usage and CPU load, lock waits and lock wait time, and others more. And you gain all the benefits of syslink Xandria: Service Provider perspective focused on SAP solutions, integration with End-to-End and Business Service Monitoring, Service Level Reporting, and countless more.

      Trust us. All SAP HANA functions within syslink Xandria are entirely engineered and developed by SAP HANA Certified Technology Assistants. It's from us SAP Basis folks for you SAP Basis folks.

      And: it simply works!

      Still not interested? We also offer SAP HANA consulting and operation services!