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Daimler renewed Contract, HANA Project goes live

by Heiko Mannherz

Published on 04.01.2014

Daimler renewed Contract, HANA Project goes live

Daimler renewed syslink Xandria contract

German car manufacturer Daimler (widely known for the Mercedes-Benz brand) renewed their syslink Xandria licensing agreement for another 5 years. For the first time the new contract covers all international licensing activities as well. Both firms continue their collaboration started in 2006.

Going live of Switzerland’s largest SAP HANA Project

Today the SAP HANA introduction project at swiss retailer Coop was successfully finished, not least thanks to extensive support of syslink consulting staff. The SAP service provider located in Basle has was supporting the SAP HANA project, the largest of its kind in Switzerland, from the very beginning.

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