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      2 min read

      Avantra achieves high Net Promoter Score (NPS) for third year running

      Today, Avantra announced the results of its annual Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), which continues to buck the Software Industry trend, coming in with a positive NPS score of 54 and a CSAT score of 95%. The AIOps company’s NPS has risen +1 point on the previous year since ramping up its customer experience initiatives in Q1 2022. 

      Typically, NPS reflects how many paying customers are satisfied with a brand and how many of them would promote it to others through social media or word of mouth. In addition, the company drove Customer Satisfaction, or how a customer would rank their overall satisfaction with a CSAT survey, issued with every support ticket interaction. 

      The company’s obsession with CX excellence has earned it leading customer NPS scores across the globe. Avantra’s 50+ employees operate on five continents and make automated ERP operations a reality for their customers. Focusing on NPS and CSAT has had a direct and measurable impact on Avantra’s renewal rates, upsells, cross sells, and customer referrals. The organization is driven to deliver continued customer success, led by the Chief Customer Success Officer, Brenton O’Callaghan. 

      Speaking about the results, O’Callaghan said, “Avantra has once again achieved a high Net Promoter Score, the level of which is usually associated with global retail brands. The key to unlocking market leading customer satisfaction is as simple as listening to our customers, understanding their pain and being invested in the success of an AIOps platform for their business.

      “Protecting and strengthening these scores will be secondary to our continued obsession with customer success. If our customers win, we win, and so we nurture these relationships with new initiatives, such as the Avantra customer education programs starting in January 2023. These are designed to increase advanced usage of the platform, deliver knowledge share and create hyper skilled automation experts within our customer base - something the industry desperately needs.”

      Over 20 years, the company has built a loyal brand of ambassadors that happily promote Avantra at industry leading events around the globe. This has led to extremely low churn rates, strong return on investment and increased sales. 

      Emily Tippins, Chief Marketing Officer said, “Buying, discovering and using Avantra should be an enjoyable experience for customers. We aim to delight customers by bringing all employees into the NPS program. Everyone is a brand ambassador and as a company, we are aligned around making customers happy. We partner with customers throughout their entire journey, from day one, we are focused on helping them realize their own version of success. These steps, which are simply a part of the Avantra DNA, have become key in shaping the global love for the Avantra brand.”

      Avantra’s NPS score of 54 is significantly higher than the average NPS score of other software vendors.* To retain its top spot, Avantra is continually attentive to CX and this focus has been working in their favor. A high NPS reflects the growth of the company, it shows that Avantra has high retention rates and a network of loyal customers. NPS also indicates how well a brand is performing compared to others in the industry, and Avantra looks set to go from strength to strength as it builds on its customer partnerships and co-innovation strategies for automated SAP operations.

      *The industry average for Software & Apps is 31, according to NICE Satmetrix, a co-developer of Net Promoter.