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      Managecore Case Study 

      MSP Managecore creates value and transparency with Avantra automation for SAP

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      Provider of SAP Technical Managed Services

      Business challenge: Operational transparency for all clients and a multitenancy solution

      Trust and transparency are the core values which differentiate Managecore from other MSPs. The company has worked with Avantra from the outset and the Avantra AIOps platform for SAP is a critical toolset in achieving transparency for its clients; it is part of Managecore’s sales cycle.

      The Avantra Enterprise edition dashboards provide Managecore’s clients with highly customized insight; real time visibility into system compliance, business process performance and overall landscape health. Nick Miletich describes this as “one pane of glass’’, combining insights and data across the entire environment in a single place.

      Over the years, we’ve used many, many toolsets to monitor different aspects of SAP. And there was never a solution that was really great at SAP. Avantra is different.
      Nick Miletich
      Chief Technology Officer, Managecore

      Saving time and money – for Managecore and their clients

      The Avantra platform monitors both SAP and non-SAP environments through automation, eliminating mundane tasks and checks to give teams the time to focus on high value innovation. Out of the box automations are seamlessly used for different clients. This helps Managecore to remain lean and agile and to pivot quickly in the market, with a smaller team delivering superior customer service and better value than other MSPs. It also makes Managecore more attractive as an employer because it offers interesting and engaging work.

      For its clients, constant monitoring through Avantra automation and custom dashboards saves time and effort by giving them instant access to all the information they need about the health and performance of their eco systems. 

      Through Avantra, Managecore configures dashboards to ensure that smart alerts and analytics are targeted to the appropriate teams, preventing information overload across the entire organization. Within Managecore itself, alerts also go to the right consultant for a particular client.

      We know when things go down, we know when things go up, we know when we need to add resources, and we can manage many, many servers with clicks of buttons instead of human intervention.
      Nick Miletich
      Chief Technology Officer, Managecore

      Full visibility into the customers' SAP cloud environment 

      As a Google Cloud Partner of the Year for SAP, Managecore offers exceptional customer service in migrating and managing high-performing SAP landscapes in the cloud.

      The company deploys the Avantra start and stop automated feature for their clients’ cloud servers, ensuring that systems do not run unnecessarily, for example at the weekend. This reduces cloud costs and also increases consistency and quality by eliminating manual error.

      For clients who use RISE with SAP, Managecore is able to offer management services for the entire environment by building Avantra automated monitoring into its own solution. This gives full visibility into their customers’ SAP cloud environment and flags up any issues. 

      However, it’s not just about SAP. By deploying Avantra, Managecore can host and manage the entire stack for each individual client, whether this is SAP or non SAP.




      • Operational transparency for all clients
      • The need for a multitenancy solution
      • Reliable automation of routine tasks


      • Avantra dashboards give full and relevant visibility to the right team or stakeholder
      • A scalable, multitenancy solution which can be adapted for different customers
      • Avantra automates mundane, low level monitoring tasks


      Transparency across the complex SAP landscape, rapid migration to the cloud and optimal ongoing management that saves Managecore time and money

      Seamlessly automate mission critical SAP operations

      Unplug from alerts. Unleash innovation. Unlock wellbeing. See why you should choose AIOps with Avantra for your MSP's SAP systems.

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