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    Technical consultation and sales

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      SAP Operations

      SAP Operations is tough enough without another boring side-filled webinar

      Do you hate those webinars where the speaker talks over an endless slide deck? Guess what, WE DO TOO.

      In this informal (over coffee) panel, you'll get a peek into the minds of two people that have been leading the SAP operations market for the last decade. 

      John Appleby and Brenton O'Callaghan discuss today's operational challenges as well as the future of this space.

      They cover:

      • Why SAP is so far behind in DevOps
      • What changes operations teams should consider
      • What the right approach is for the future

      Watch the discussion now

      Expert Panel

      John Appleby Circle

      John Appleby

      In the past 15 years, John was busy being an SAP mentor, managing SAP's global team of consultants on four continents and heading SAP HANA global solutions at a major MSP.


      Brenton O'Callaghan

      Brenton spent the last 10 years leading SAP and HANA innovation across a wide range of industries in EMEA, North America, and India.

      Global organizations invest in Avantra to improve SAP performance in complex landscapes, including:

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