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    Technical consultation and sales

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      SAP Basis Engineer


      End-to-end IT operations: Your entire landscape, integrated the right way.

      Welcome to your SAP Basis Hub

      There is a path to easy SAP Operation for Basis Engineers

      Get out of the reactive mode and simplify your work day with Avantra. 

      Check out the video collection showing exactly how to: 

      Administrate uptime and downtime

      Reduce daily checks

      Real-time monitoring

      Forecast resource planning

      Configure and monitor parameter assets

      Get a customized performance dashboard


      Detailed to-the-minute visibility into system uptime / downtime


      Reduce daily checks to those that need your attention


      Landscape-wide parameter sets that can even be scheduled 


      Predict system growth so you know what you'll need and when you'll need it


      Acknowledge issues and alerts in seconds

      Easy access to view results


      Create and edit dashboards easily so you can see the right information at the right time


      The Basis Engineer's Daily Checklist


      The technical SAP world seems to be changing quickly these days. When you start adding in SaaS and cloud platform solutions, the truth is that not that much has really changed to the underlying ABAP and Java stacks. Whether these systems are on-premise, in a public cloud or in a hybrid environment, a lot of the ongoing management of these systems is the same as it was 10+ years ago.

      First, to understand what is occurring in the system, an exemplary monitoring plan needs to be taken into consideration, and the operating system, database, and SAP all need to be properly monitored. This Basis Engineer's Daily Checklist goes into detail about each of these technical layers.

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      Get the Checklist Now


      How do I convince my business to automate?

      For an SAP expert like you, the prospect of a modernized and SAP-focused operations platform is something that will bring obvious benefit to the life of you and your team. Whether it be reducing the daily-check workload or getting proactive alerts before something goes wrong, the positives to be realized are clear. But that may not be the case for the rest of the business.

      As long as the SAP landscape remains functional and as long as there are no costly business outages, there can be little appetite for investment around SAP (or even broader IT) operations optimization and automation. We've have brought together a number of tools to help articulate the benefit and help you gain support for this journey, including:

      • More time for strategic projects and innovation
      • Reduced unplanned business outages
      • Increased security and stability

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      The Basis Guide Performance Dashboard 

      We review what the SAP technical stack should look like, and pinpoint specific KPIs that should be on every Basis Engineer’s Dashboard.

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      The Basis Engineer's Daily Checklist

      Learn more about the daily responsibilities, the "checks", that a SAP Basis Engineer performs regularly, and get your own copy of the Daily Checklist. 

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      Step-by-Step Pre-Installation Guide

      “Everything you do as a system administrator should serve a single purpose: to secure and protect system integrity…” 

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