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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Case Study 

      Paz Oil relies on Avantra to run multiple operations seamlessly


      Billion dollar fuel company shifts from reactive to proactive mode.


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      Complete SAP landscape automation
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      Eliminate manual effort and repetitive tasks
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      Go from reactive to proactive
      "The same effort that took us months with the other systems. Within that week, we had no false positives, it was all very stable. It just worked beautifully.”
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      Yohai Rosenbaum
      Infrastructure and Information Security Division Manager at Paz Oil

      How were operations run before Avantra?

      Paz Oil had been using Solution Manager and another third party software company to monitor SAP. This ad hoc approach was over-complicated and involved a lot of unnecessary manual work. Costly trial and error, false positives and tedious reconfigurations left system security vulnerabilities.  

      How did Avantra improve SAP operations? 

      Seamless Installation

      Introducing yet another solution to an already complex SAP landscape is not always appealing. There is a chance it might cause yet another complication and disrupt business. Not with Avantra. Within half a day Paz’s systems were up and running smoothly on Avantra. 

      Quicker Response

      Following an SAP system error, Paz experienced a high compliance impacting failure. Every minute of downtime like this can cause big disruptions to supply chains. Fortunately, when this mission critical file went missing, the team could rely on Avantra to create and run a quick custom check, alert the right people and get things sorted, fast. 

      No Repeat Errors

      Within an hour of Paz’s costly system outage, it was business as usual again. Now that the team has the custom check in place, Paz can be sure that this crisis won’t happen again. 

      Stronger System Security 

      Avantra’s automated, real-time security discovered the use of default passwords in some of Paz’s clients, leaving them open to  massive security threats. Fortunately, Avantra’s immediate configuration change feedback had them covered and immediately flagged the vulnerability.

      Improved Planning

      Without clear insights into resources, Paz’s Basis teams were kept in reactive mode, constantly fixing slowed down and halted systems. Avantra put an end to that. Predictive analysis of Paz’s past resource utilization offers accurate forecasting, letting Paz know what it needs, before it needs it. Within just a few months, Avantra had paid for itself allowing staff to focus on the more important tasks and innovation. 



      • Need for 24/7 automated monitoring
      • Mission-critical SAP system
      • Strict compliance requirements
      • Existing solutions were hard to manage and configure



      • Same day set-up
      • No repeat errors
      • Saves time and resources
      • Accurate resource planning
      • Flags up security issues fast



      “Avantra always has your back and someone will always be there to provide you a solution. It is a support level I have never seen with another product.” Yohai Rosenbaum, Infrastructure and Information Security Division Manager at Paz Oil

      Read the complete success story

      Find out how your enterprise can run multiple operations seamlessly.
      With Avantra your enterprise will:
      • reduce repeat errors significantly 
      • save time and resources
      • have accurate resource planning
      • be able to quickly find security issues
      Read the success story

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