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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Case Study 

      The City of Zurich uses
      proactive SAP monitoring for
      improved system availability 


      Reduced administrative burden and monitoring at scale


      Talk with an SAP expert

      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_200x200_Automate daily SAP operation tasks
      Team is relieved from daily system checks
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_200x200_Embrace
      Small resource requirement
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_80x80_Automated inventory management
      Proactive monitoring leading to improved system availability
      251422 Avantra Brand Icons_200x200_Reduce the cost of SAP operations
      Extreme ease of use and automated checks
      “The efforts of implementing and operating Avantra were only a small fraction compared to the competing product, so we made an unambiguous decision for Avantra.”
      Olaf Eichkorn
      Leader of SAP Basis Team for the Zurich IT Services Department

      Straightforward installation and auto-detection of all systems

      From the outset, Avantra proved to be the simplest, most intuitive SAP monitoring solution for Zurich.

      “Setting up a Avantra environment including installation and configuration of three management agents took about four hours,” said Eichkorn. “Adding a fourth SAP system took another 30 minutes, and the fifth onerequired only 10 more minutes.”

      Excellent support and lower cost of operation 

      Eichkorn was equally impressed with the way Avantra’s solution engineers transferred successful know-how to the OIZ staff, enabling them to further adjust the powerful Avantra custom checks to fit their specific
      needs. “Our support calls were answered in a very competent way, in time and quality,” said Eichkorn.

      “During this time, the Avantra installation support engineers transferred the essential know-how to the OIZ staff in order to enable us to further extend the Avantra
      environment ourselves.”



      • High complexity of the SAP landscape
      • IT department must ensure 24x7 uptime for mission critical systems.
      • Existing monitoring tools require expensive human


      • Ease of installation 
      • Low administrative burden 
      • Small resource requirement 
      • Monitoring at scale



      • Proactive monitoring leading to improved system availability
      • Extreme ease of use and automated checks, relieving IT teams of administrative burden
      • Very small footprint of Avantra management agent for better performance
      • Fast and competent support brings helps maximize system uptime

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      Reduce costs and administrative burden
      With Avantra your enterprise will:
      • reduce costs
      • improve system availability 
      • reduce administrative burden
      Read the success story

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