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    Technical consultation and sales

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      Reinventing SAP monitoring and management

      Fresh, in-depth SAP industry content. Stay up-to-date with evolving industry trends & best practices. Follow Avantra's blog to stay in the know.

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      agent-based sap monitoring

      Scaling Up vs Scaling Out: SAP on the Public Cloud

      There are two types of dynamic scaling in the SAP public cloud area, scaling up/down and scaling...

      3 Unique Challenges in Determining SAP Root-Cause Analysis

      Agentless SAP monitoring systems seem like the easy way to go, no installation and no deployment....

      5 Agent-Based vs. Agentless SAP Monitoring Myths Debunked

      “Our IT uses agentless monitoring solution, why can’t we use it for SAP?” Do you hear that often?...