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Resilience by design: How to run SAP environments fit for the future.

Wednesday 8th July 2020 at 2:00pm - 3:00pm UK




An insight into running SAP systems fit for the future, when that future demands ever more agility, resilience and responsiveness to change.


SAP applications grow ever more critical to core business, business that has to be simultaneously resilient and agile in order to thrive. Managing critical and highly integrated SAP applications is typically a manual and reactive process inherent with high risk and cost.

In this panel discussion, we’ll look at how both public cloud and IT operations automation can increase resilience, performance, compliance and agility whilst reducing risk and cost, delivering a better business experience.

In this laid back, open discussion, we will discuss:

  • Why gaining complete transparency of the full-stack landscape is crucial before, during, and after the move to cloud.
  • Maximising the scalability and cost savings of public cloud.
  • How to use automation to deliver end-to-end best-practice for build and run operations.
  • The impact of the shift from reactive to proactive and eventually autonomous operations.


Join the discussion on how to run and build SAP environment that fit the future 

Join Absoft, Microsoft Azure and Avantra in their discussion about the challenges businesses are facing as they try to rebuild better and design for resiliency.
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 Brenton O'Challaghan