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What is the Avantra Summit?

On Thursday, December 3rd at 11am EST, Avantra hosted a first-time web conference to leave you tinglingly full of hope for the year ahead. The Avantra Summit 2020 is a more enriching way to spend 90 mins than sitting through another (sub-par) web conference. Say no to accepting the slow grind towards the end of a year dominated by uncertainty, and come together with like-minded technologists for an event like no other you’ve attended this year.


Watch the Summit Now


The Avantra Summit is the basecamp for your AIOps journey
as you embark on your exploration of the age of innovation.

Accelerating human potential through automation is a ground-breaking event for everyone involved in SAP Operations. This interactive AIOps showcase includes head-to-head interviews, live Q&A and a TV-show format. 


The Faces of the Avantra Summit:

  • Shivvy Jervis, award-winning tech futurist
  • John Appleby, Avantra’s dynamic CEO
  • Mark Finnern, Playful Enterprise founder and veteran SAP-er
  • Bernd Engist, Avantra’s Swiss-Engineered CTO
  • Brenton O’Callaghan, Avantra’s Chief Customer Officer and Irish influence

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Why should you attend? 


SAP management and IT Operations teams have a strong desire to innovate. But we’re ensnared by manual processes that are blocking the full innovation potential of our organizations. It comes down to the volume of systems and applications that are integrated and the complexity it brings. That’s why the Avantra Summit brings together thought leaders who are carving out a path to right the balance between execution and innovation - a space to draw breath, think deep and look forward.


See you there (virtually) 


The core philosophy of the 2020 Avantra Summit is rooted in creating a space where organic interactions can thrive. 


So, let’s not dwell on the complexity of today’s interwoven systems. Let’s plan for automation of manual tasks to end the negative maintenance loop and address the top challenges IT operations teams face during SAP build and run.

Together we can lead the charge to innovate by encouraging exploration or implementation of automation and work up a hunger to improve everyone’s competitive advantage. 


The Agenda:

Welcome to the future! - Mark Finnern

Hunting down human-centered advances - Shivvy Jervis

The theory of innovation automation - John Appleby

Automated Upgrades for SAP Kernels - Bernd Engist and Brenton O'Callaghan

Challenges of Cloud Integration: A Customer Story

Ask the audience: Panel Q&A - All speakers

The future of SAP Operations powered by AIOps - John Appleby


Don’t miss this opportunity to accelerate your team's potential...

The Avantra Summit is a call to action. A call to grab the innovation opportunity with both hands. And a call to deliver more business process value through IT Operations innovation.  


Watch the Summit Now




Sponsors & Partners:

A big thank you to our sponsors and partners who shared in our event.