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      Why choose the Avantra AIOps platform for your customer SAP landscapes?

      Are you feeling the heat from intensifying security audit and compliance requirements? Wondering how you can differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive market? We understand the challenges of juggling multiple demands. The acute pressure to reduce business downtime. The expectation to solve problems before they become a big issue.

      Avantra brings you AIOps for SAP applications. To support you in monetizing legacy approaches while moving your customers towards the future. Let Avantra do the heavy lifting. Deliver more for your customers at scale and pace...and at the same time, drive strategic growth.

      Avantra has advanced automation and AI capabilities to support you in taking care of your most valuable resource – your team.

      The industry leading AIOps platform for SAP landscapes


      Say hello to exceptional customer experience

      Avantra AIOps platform for SAP operations gives you clear visibility of all your customers, and flags issues before they occur. Say goodbye to catastrophic downtime and hello to exceptional customer experience.


      SAP solutions at the core of your business

      SAP operations is too important to side-line. Embed SAP automation into your enterprise operating procedures.
      Understand the bigger picture, and wider commercial impact.


      Unlock innovation and wellbeing in your teams

      Repetitive, mundane tasks can be a thing of the past. Let Avantra AI and automation do the heavy lifting. Create the space for your team to breathe, and see the innovation flow.


      Elevate your SAP operations with Avantra

      In just 15 minutes you’ll see why 95% of customers renew, year after year. 


      Avantra allows us to offer a best-in-class monitoring service to our SAP clients. Internally this software gives my team a single-pane-of-glass to monitor all their systems while providing efficiencies in our organization.

      Nick Miletich
      Chief Technology Officer, Managecore

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