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      A platform to call your own

      Your job has always been demanding. And now, the pressure is growing, through no fault of your own. Security, compliance and the transition to the cloud cause an increasing volume of noise. Firefighting has become business as usual. You need a platform of your own.

      Built for Basis Engineers by Basis Engineers, Avantra Enterprise seamlessly automates SAP operations. Simplifying the complexity of managing SAP estates. Through automation time savings, Avantra creates the space for you to enjoy work, get back your weekends and spend time focusing on you.

      Avantra addresses potential future issues today. Giving you control and peace of mind. Freeing you to proactively deliver new services and feel valued, appreciated and rewarded.

      The Basis Engineer's checklist



      Know what's in your SAP estate at any moment. Use ML-based predictive analytics to get a clear view of anomalous configuration and runtime issues, such as security hardening, and system overloads.

      Group 1012


      Automating engagement with people and systems in the most efficient way at the right time, with minimal time-wasting 
false positives.



      Automating daily activities to drive quality, speed and consistency to reduce manual effort, using automation templates 
or innovation.


      Elevate your SAP operations with Avantra

      In just 15 minutes you’ll see why 95% of customers renew, year after year. 

      Discover how to integrate your entire SAP landscape

      Administrate uptime / downtime
      Daily checks
      Real time monitoring
      Forecast resource planning
      Customized performance dashboard

      Explore the latest from Avantra