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Ever wonder where to meet other SAP professionals?

We are holding multiple informal, after-work networking events for SAP and Basis professionals all over the world. In each event you'll be able to meet people from other major companies in the region that are struggling with the same pain points you are.

  • “I get woken up at 3 am by the business to find out that a process went wrong”
  • “We don’t have end-to-end visibility of operations so a bank interface failed on Friday and I find out the transactions are out of date on Monday”
  • “We have entirely manual operations for checking systems based on an offshore team”

Let us know which event might be relevant to you and we will send you the information on the upcoming event. 

It is free and we can assure you, you don't want to miss it.

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“Xandria prevented two major failures in SAP Production Systems and reduced server updates implemented to just one to two hours. With Xandria, adding a new system to the monitoring process reduced from half a day to only 30 minutes.”
Belz Koch, Head of SAP Services | Migros
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Global organizations invest in Syslink Xandria to improve SAP performance  in complex landscapes, including:

Don’t spend another day wasting SAP resources.

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